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Life Education for Youth Empowerment

Life Education for Youth Empowerment

SUBODHI, Institute of Integral Education was founded by Fr. Mervyn Fernando in 1981 and comes under the Archdiocese of Colombo to empower youth through skills development programs to realize their full potential. The goal of SUBODHI is precisely to fill that space in the education system. Numerous young boys and girls, Advanced Level students and youth groups have benefited from many residential youth camps, life education programmes, leadership training seminars and spiritual reawakening programmes which are generally designed for 3 days residential for groups of 35 – 45 youth between ages 14 – 24 years.


With the support of MMF, the Institute conducts 2 programmes for youth on life skills and leadership development. In 2018, MMF agreed to support for 850 poorest students to follow 3 days residential programme. MMF is planning to continue this programme in future to support diverse groups of students. MMF consider youth empowerment and establishing values & moralities are very important in a world where youth have become exposed to various vulnerabilities such as drugs and other forms of abuse. Eg. Social media, technology etc.

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